Haigh Sewage Macerator

The Haigh Pipeliner™ range provides a reliable, straightforward system for disintegration, maceration or conditioning of solids in flow. Cutters can be changed within minutes with perfect alignment using only a maximum of two allen keys.

Project Focus - NSW Retirement Village

Following ongoing challenges with conventional sewage pumps and the ability to process foreign hygiene products in this system, a recommendation was put to the retirement village to consider a Haigh Pipeliner Macerator System.

Another Haigh Pipeliner System installed for... years of peace of mind

The Pipeliner macerator fits into the suction line of raw sewage or sludge pump to homogenise the medium. This improves downstream process and protects high performance pumps from rag debris.

Its highly effective cutting action gives controlled particle size to eliminate the tendency of shredded solids to reform. Click here for more on the Haigh Pipeliner Sewage Macerator.

The self adjusting cutting assembly avoids the need for regular servicing and when maintenance is required the crucial wearing parts and be remove and replaced within minutes.

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